Have you been naughty? Krampus knows you have.
Get swallowed up in the shadows of our woods. Where every step brings you closer to your punishment. Krampus has taken over, but he’s not alone. He’s brought some of his most twisted friends, and they’re all waiting for you. Prepare to be slayed…err…SLEIGHED.



Science never learns…there are boundaries that shouldn’t be crossed.

Buzzzbuzzz, that’s not your phone vibrating, it’s coming from inside the abandoned building. Years ago they conducted off the books experiments, but it’s been vacant… You get closer. Is that a light on inside? Peeking through a window, you see a figure moving in the shadows. It turns towards the light, you want to scream, but fear paralyzes you. We dare you to come see what’s inside…THE HIVE.


Are you brave enough to venture into the deep dark maze at Night Terrors Haunted Farm?
Step into the darkness, but keep to the path or you will be lost. Creep through our Crypt and visit the boneyard of cars from our past vict…guests.